Gypaète barbu & Fils “Gypaetus barbatus” © Paolo Schwab

that dark vulture looks absolutely convinced that the lighter vulture is a ghost

by 鶴巻長介 

Day 16 - What is the absolute worst pairing? - 

Rintori. I just…really don’t like the dynamics of this relationship. They’re fine as (platonic) senpai and kouhai, but I think the relationship would be so one-sided that I could never ship them. They don’t seem compatible either -Nitori doesn’t know how to read Rin at all, and Rin has said that he doesn’t like clingy people. 

 Plus, I think the way some of the fandom portrays them (with Nitori as a little angel who “deserves” Rin because he was nice to Rin, and Rin being an irredeemable asshole who doesn’t deserve his love) is pretty gross. Do not want. 


No shark, go away, I should be working, not making subpar doodles of your messy way of eating ikayaki. Seriously, wipe your mouth.