i ship these two so much *____*

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is such a cute game argghhhh >w<

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I’m going to cry don’t make me cry.

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Day 17 - A pairing you thought would never work out, but did? -

Satoru/Saki from Shinsekai Yori. I thought they were kind of cute from episode 1, and then somewhere along the way (probably when they were separated from the rest of the group) I found myself shipping it hard. Their relationship and squabbling was pretty adorable. But neither of them really showed any romantic interest towards each other* - Saki was in love with Shun and Maria and Satoru loved Shun too. I thought to myself “great, out of all the pairings in the show I ended up picking the one that wasn’t canon at all.” But I loved them and I loved them more with each episode. They had great chemistry.

So I was pretty surprised and happy when they did actually end up together. Admittedly, the circumstances were very sad. Everyone they loved, including Shun and Maria, died. Satoru and Saki may not have been each others first choices, and they may not ever be each others greatest love. But that’s fine. I like to think that with all they went through together (and really, no one else shared their experiences) that they grew to love each other very deeply and that they have a strong bond. In the end they seemed to be content together despite all the awful things that happened.

* In the novel, apparently Saki had a bit of a  crush on Satoru too. Kind of wish they had shown that in the anime. ;_;